slider(int number, int pos, int min, int max, string name, string tooltip): var

Sets up an initial position, range, name, and tooltip for one of the three customizable sliders. Returns the current position of the slider. Depending on the selected asset or other conditions, different slider positions can be preset at the beginning.

slider(int number): var

Returns the position of the slider with the given number.

slider(int number, int pos)

Sets the slider with the given number to a new position. This way the script can display numerical values to the user while running.


number The number of the slider: 0 for the Period slider, 1..3 for the 3 user-specific sliders.
pos Position of the slider (default = 0). The initial position is set when the script is run the first time.
min, max Minimum (left) and maximum (right) positions of the slider, integer values.
name Name that is displayed next to the slider (like "Panic"). If the name begins with a dot (like ".Panic"), a decimal point is displayed in front of the last 3 digits in the edit window.
tooltip Tool tip text to describe the slider function, or 0 for no tool tip.


Current value of the slider.



// Investment calculator
void main()
  slider(1,10000,1,20000,"Capital","Initial capital");
  slider(2,10000,0,20000,"Profit","Profit so far");
  slider(3,2000,1000,2000,".Root","Root"); // 1.000 = linear, 2.000 = square root
    print(TO_INFO,"\rInvestment: $%.0f",

See also:

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