renorm (var* Data, int Length, var Sum) : var*

Modifies the Data array by multiplying all elements with a factor so that they sum up to Sum. This function can be used to normalize a list of weights to a certain total.


Data Array or series to be normalized.
Length Number of elements to be normalized.
Sum Resulting sum of elements.


Modified Data

distribute (var* Weights, var* Data, int Length, int N, var* Caps) : var

distribute (var* Weights, var* Data, int Length, int N, var Cap) : var

Stores the N largest positive elements from Data in the Weights array, normalized so that they sum up to 1; smaller and negative elements are ignored. A weight limit can be applied individually per Data element of or globally for all elements; it clips the weights at the limit and distributes the remainders among the other positive weights. The total weight sum can end up less than 1 if the restriction to positive elements and weight limits were otherwise violated.This function is normally used to distribute asset weights in a portfolio dependent on individual properties such as momentum.


Weights Output array  of size Length to receive N normalized Data elements. The other elements are 0.
Data Input array of size Length, for instance the momentums of portfolio components.
Length Size of the Weights, Data, and Caps arrays.
N Max number of resulting nonzero weights, or 0 for distributing all weights.
Caps Array of weight limits in the 0..1 range, or 0 for no weight limit.
Cap Global limit in the 0..1 range to be applied to all weights, or 0 for no weight limits.


Sum of weights after applying the limits.


var* Filter = { 1,2,3,2,1,0 };

See also:

filter, markowitz, OptimalF

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